• Kirsten Johnston

Umming and ahhing

I have been umming and ahhing about whether to publish this post. I’d hate ANYONE to think I was getting preachy, or trying to influence how people should live their life.

I need to remember that the purpose of this blog is, firstly, for me to clarify my thoughts, perhaps for myself as much as anything else. If others are interested that is a enormous win for me. So, please forgive me a little bit of self-indulgence.

I have been reading a book called The Creative Introvert: How to build a business you love (on your terms) by Cat Rose. I am, of course, ridiculously pathetic at anything to do with promotion so I thought maybe this book might help. I must confess that, once it got to the marketing chapters, notwithstanding their definite understanding of salesmanship-phobia, I did get uncomfortable (maybe a bit of skimming involved). But there were many other things that I got out of it (don’t worry! I won’t go through all of them!!).

I was reminded of a quote by Theodore Roosevelt that was recently brought back into the collective consciousness by writer, speaker and researcher Brene Brown – commonly called the ‘man in the arena’ quote. It’s a bit long but I will include it here as it’s always good for me to read it again.

Brene Brown, in her book Rising Strong, pulls out of this the need to SHOW UP, to be in the arena doing our thing. There may be critics but, as she says, ” … if you are not in the arena and also getting your arse kicked, I am not interested in your feedback.”

I don’t really know yet what all of that means for me but there’s lots to think about. I think it’s suggesting that I keep plugging away (I am very fortunate that there is not a great deal of arse-kicking at the moment!!) even when it gets hard or discouraging. I need to ‘show up’ more often.

But remember, that’s just me talking to myself!


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