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The minimum

Heard some interesting things recently. Made me think.

In a podcast by my anti-procrastination guru, David Kadavy (mentioned in earlier posts), he touched on the medical term of Minimum Effective Dose – that being the smallest amount of treatment that will elicit a positive response in a patient. He then went on to introduce the idea of Minimum Creative Dose – that being the smallest amount of creative ‘beginning’ required to engage ones natural creative momentum that will cut in (hopefully like some torrential waterfall!!) and carry you on. Just get started, he reasons, and the love of what you do, the intellectual enjoyment, the rise of ideas will arrive (only slightly late) and join the party.

Then, in another podcast, totally unrelated to the first, Seth Godin, author and marketing expert, talked about Smallest Viable Audience. His idea was that we sometimes feel we have to conquer, connect with, market to, the whole world. In reality, we simply need to communicate with enough people to keep us rolling along. “Blow them away and they will tell their friends”, he says. Thus, our connections will grow. Of course, this is all related to marketing which, as you know, is NOT my happy place …. but somehow that idea takes the pressure off.

And so, I will dive into a new week with a new resistance-decreasing technique and a need-for-wider-marketing avoidance tip (I’m sure that’s not what Godin intended!!). I hope any creative endeavours (indeed, ANY endeavours) you tackle this week can perhaps benefit as well.

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