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It doesn’t always work, of course. Obviously every painting can’t be a masterpiece, every poem a world-shaker, every live performance flawless but sometimes I need reminding.

I went to my monthly watercolour class the other day. I go because I love it. The teacher is marvellous, it’s a great discipline and finesse is something I could do with more of. But, in the true nature of ‘one of those days’, it was like I was applying clumsy paint and random amounts of water with two thumbs and a touch too much haste.

The result was non-descript but blimey I learned a lot. That’s what keeps me coming back. I try, when it’s frustrating (and disheartening), to focus on the longer term and the slow growth of the sum of my artistic skills.

Ha! I sound so wise! Nothing could be further from the truth. This blog is here to put into words what I need to remember on the days when it isn’t easy (when the proverbial beer is warm and the skittles won’t stand in their neat little row), to remind me of those things that people tell us but we really need to battle towards for ourselves. When we find them perhaps we’re a LITTLE more at peace at those times when we stuff up?

But, peace or no peace, I’ll be back to it next month because I love it. Because I love it.

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