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A while ago I had a significant gym habit. It had many positive side-effects. I have just started up again after a lay-off of eighteen months and the method I used to sustain my exercise regime is flooding back to mind.

Back then, I simply made a choice about my question. I stopped asking myself ‘will I go today?’ Instead, I asked ‘what will I do when I get there?’ As this became routine, I had often driven to the gym and begun warming up before I had really noticed.

Seth Godin, whom I mention periodically, recently told us that he had written a blog post every day for eleven years. He talks about the way ‘commitment turns into a practice, and the practice into a habit.’ I felt chuffed to discover that he had a similar type of self talk to me – asking not ‘should I blog tomorrow’, but ‘what will tomorrow’s blog say?’

There are habits I need to get into, particularly with regard to my time in the art studio. Changing my questioning can obviously help. Not that I aspire to paint every day for eleven years, or blog, or exercise, but I can certainly achieve greater consistency than I currently display.

Not ‘will I?’, but ‘what will I?’

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