• Kirsten Johnston

Number one

I love to paint. I love to write. So …. a blog about my artistic journey? Give it a whirl, I say! Not sure who will be interested and I’m certain others will have said it all before, and more eloquently, but I am in the mood for new things …. so WELCOME!

I am Kirsten Johnston, an artist from South Australia. I describe myself with that term that always makes me think of new butterflies: ’emerging’. I paint and draw quite a lot, sell sometimes and exhibit whenever possible. It’s a great deal of fun, hard work and frustrating at times, but my greatest artistic joy comes from seeing a finished piece on the wall.

There’s a range of styles that comes out of my studio using a variety of media. If you feel like checking some of it out, try my Facebook page, Kirsten Johnston Arts, or on Instagram under the same name. Meanwhile, I’ll feel my way into this blog thing and talk to you again soon.


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