• Kirsten Johnston

Location, location, location

Today, I am writing from a different place. I have become accustomed, for better or worse, to writing during my morning coffee at my favourite little café in Lockleys. This is a habit I have allowed myself during our short sojourn in the city but one that I probably should break when we return home to the real world! Today though, even while still being in Adelaide, events have conspired to keep me from my mostly-daily haven.

So will the change of location change the way I write? The world over, there are poets, authors, painters, readers, employees, students, musicians and the like who have carved themselves a space and time and a specific set of conditions in which to do their best work. Certainly, we all need to be flexible, in whatever endeavour we involve ourselves, but there is probably a personal, optimal climate for each of us to reach the ‘good stuff’. Whether this is a quarantined home office, a music room, a dedicated studio, a bustling workplace or a silent library we all have a preferred way of working, for the most part anyway.

Today, I feel out of my ‘inspiration place’. I feel a bit disjointed and perhaps words that, on occasion, come somewhat easily are a bit harder to coax out. It’s important to me, though, that I push on. I will need to find a new setting in which to write in a few weeks anyway so perhaps this is the beginning. I’ll collect the essential elements of my creative ‘happy place’ and reassemble them somewhere else or, even better, in several places.

So what is your best location? Where is it that the finest is drawn from you? What place provides the freedom-security-input matrix, or whatever, that potentially brings out your excellence in your field? Maybe you’ve found it. Maybe you’re still unsure. Keep an eye out. It may become evident.

Until later,


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