• Kirsten Johnston

Leap or step?

I am thinking of making an approach to an outlet. There are three ways it could go; it could be unsuccessful, which is fine; it could be successful, which is also fine; or it could be successful and change the way I view the work I’m doing, which may be fine or may definitely not be. A conundrum.

So then a podcast episode by artist Miriam Schulman cropped up where she talked about not feeling ready. Do we ever feel really ready, she questioned. Was this part of the ‘take the leap and grow wings on the way down’ type of approach? It sounded exciting and something that, on those good days, would be eminently do-able or even must do-able! I was amused that such an episode should air at just the right time. I smiled!

Following that, in a completely unrelated place, I read that research indicates we learn best from a position of knowledge from where we take deliberate steps. We build on our previous learning a piece at a time. I rolled my eyes that such a paragraph should come along at just the same time. I smiled, wryly this time.

Back to the conundrum. Back to weighing up the risk in the decision.

I haven’t solved anything yet. Still thinking. Sorry to leave you hanging!!

Until later,


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