• Kirsten Johnston

In the Hills

I have set up a temporary art studio in friends’ spare space in the Adelaide Hills. I feel like some latter-day Heidelberg-ian painter with my out-of-the-city location, surrounded by bush (more English-style in this case) and other good things of the natural world. I’ll travel out there each day to invest some quality time in my art.

My friends have a dog who meanders around the garden between pats and, at times, lies outside the studio door, taking her part in the creative process. It’s lovely to have daytime company.

A change of location is bound to be inspiring and my working stamina will improve as I’ll be obliged to ‘keep at it’ while I’m out there (no wafting off to do something else if it gets hard!!!). So the charcoal is out, the ink is splashing around and, this morning, it was very clear to me why I pursue this path. So much delight.


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