• Kirsten Johnston

Getting started

I’ve been reading a book by David Kadavy called The Heart to Start: Stop Procrastinating and Start Creating. I tend to get overcome by what Steven Pressfield, another writer on creativity, has called resistance and Kadavy has given me a few new thinking processes to combat that.

The first of those is to avoid thinking on too grand a scale about what needs to be done. Kadavy calls this the Fortress Fallacy. Obviously this sort of thinking can be so daunting as to prevent one from starting at all. Better to look for the smaller steps and start there. ‘Step at a time’ they always say. ‘Break it down.’ I tend to start working with some grandiose vision and the job of realising it sometimes seems insurmountable. Better to grab an accessible bit and go with that. And, surprise! You’ve made a start after all!!

I’ll tell you more about my other new thinking next time ….. but go on! Read the book yourself. There’s lots in it.

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