• Kirsten Johnston


My blog is dislocated.

Its normal position has been disturbed. It has been ‘disrupted’ and ‘moved from its proper place or position’.

Despite my previous blog ‘Location, location, location’, I underestimated how much my writing relied on the ‘right’ conditions: a removal from normal life and the daily distractions, solitude within a peopled environment, anonymity and the sense of the setting being something special.

Since returning from the Adelaide sojourn, the conditions aren’t right any more. My table at home is too low, my music is too rocky or slow or absent, other jobs compete for attention or inertia takes over completely. It is hard to think, to turn over ideas, to stretch into new thoughts in totally familiar surroundings with well worn patterns of behaviour

I am writing at the moment from a cafe fifty kilometres from home on my way to a more distant place. Clearly it is not practical to come here each time I want to put something down. My challenge is to recreate, or to create anew, those freeing combinations of elements that allow the blog to exist.

Never fear. The blog will live on. I will search, think laterally, and find a new niche.

Here’s to those niches that we all treasure that allow us to do our best work.


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