• Kirsten Johnston

Coffee and cake

I’m lucky enough to be sitting in a little café in Adelaide having a large latte and idly watching my fellow café-goers. I’m wondering what they all do outside of this place that enables them to be coffee-ing on a Monday morning. I imagine it would be a fascinating collection; an enormous range of jobs, experiences, wisdom, home situations, interests and passions.

I notice two young women sharing two types of luscious cake and it strikes me that you don’t often see people eating cake in a cafe looking sad. Is that because of the delight that comes with almost illicit treating? Is it like the ‘naughty nap’ or the ‘sneaky read’? Is it like the art materials that weren’t strictly necessary or, even, like the large latte on a Monday morning that is definitely not required but very nice?

I think of those who, for whatever reason, can’t do this, on a Monday or otherwise, and try to be as aware and grateful as possible for how fortunate I am. As I head from here to my studio to play with paint I’m hoping that an opportunity crops up today that will allow me to repay a little. If I keep my eyes open I’m sure to see something.

Not that any of this is about art and you certainly didn’t sign up for that. Still, I had to get it off my chest and you are the listeners. Maybe that’s your wonderful contribution for today. Thank you!

Until later,


P.S. Later:

It took less than five minutes …..

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