• Kirsten Johnston

A bit too subtle

One of my current works in progress is of a stand of trees, developing in a style somewhere between realism and abstract. I’m liking it at the moment and have sort of been sneaking up on forms and washes of colour that please me.

I have decided, though, on looking at it this morning, that it’s a little too subtle. There’s no need to blast the viewer out of the gallery, but there needs to be some impact in a work from whatever source it, or the artist, has chosen.

There are other words I could have selected to describe it thus far. Wan. Wimpy. Washed out, boring, unnoticeable. Even unsatisfying or dull. But, I have chosen to focus on it being a ‘little too subtle‘. Kinder, somehow. And perhaps easier to remedy when I come to it later today.

I guess, it’s all about how you frame it.


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